Stop The Senate Climate Saboteurs

In three weeks the entire world will look to Paris where world leaders and thousands of global activists will arrive to fight for a global plan to address climate change. The so-called COP21 Climate Summit could be our best chance in a decade to tackle humanity's greatest challenge. That's why President Obama recently announced he plans on attending the first day of the summit, to show the world that the U.S. is ready to lead. And the good news is that he's headed to Paris fresh off a bunch of climate-wins -- blocking the Keystone Pipeline, conservative Governors and Republican Senators signing on to the Clean Power Plan, and more!

But back home, a coalition of Senators led by Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Climate-Denier-In Chief, James Inhofe (R-OK) are planning a vote to block the President's Clean Power Plan (CPP). They know their proposal won't become a law, but they want to do it anyway to embarrass the president and send a signal to the world that congress won't honor any deals made in Paris - I'm telling all of y'all this is climate sabotage. Leading climate in-activists plan to use a tool called the Congressional Resolution Act (CRA), which is filibuster proof and only requires a simple majority. A key house committee just voted to approve the bills, and Senate leader McConnell has announced his plans to hold the vote just days before COP21 begins.

Even though President Obama has can veto any bill to repeal the CPP, a victory by the Senate Saboteurs on the eve of these important negotiations would send the wrong message to world leaders about our commitment to fight climate disruption. We can't let that happen. Sign here to contact your senators and tell them to stop the COP21 blocking.

Subject: Vote No On the Clean Power Plan CRA

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