Tell the Department of Justice to prosecute Exxon

Update: The FBI has opened an investigation into Exxon's climate crimes, but the Department of Justice is keeping it's distance. Sharon Eubanks, a former DOJ attorney who won a similar case against the tobacco industry in 2006, said "It would have been much more powerful had the Justice Department said it was asking for an investigation." Sign and share to ask Attorney General Loretta Lynch to take over and bring Exxon to Justice.

Bombshell investigative reports have revealed that Exxon knew as early as 1978 that our climate was changing, and that their product (dirty fossil fuels) was responsible. But instead of taking action that could have saved lives and protected our planet, Exxon spent two decades and millions of dollars lying about what they knew in an effort to slow action and protect their profits.

It's outrageous that Exxon not only lied to the public, but did after funding cutting edge science to identify the causes and impacts of climate change. It's a lot like how the tobacco industry knew the facts about smoking's addictive effects and destructive impact on public health, but lied about it to Congress, the public and the courts. And when the Department of Justice learned about the tobacco industry's misdeeds, they prosecuted them under The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

If you agree that it's time President Obama and his top cop, Attorney General Loretta Lynch go after Big Oil just like previous administrations went after Big Tobacco, sign here to tell them it's time to prosecute ExxonMobil.

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