Save the Florida Panther!

There are fewer than 200 panthers alive in Florida today -- all that is left of a magnificent species that once roamed the Southern U.S. from the Carolinas to Texas. Despite federal protection, a dozen or more are illegally killed every year by cars, frightened ranchers and angry hunters.

But now even the few dozen panthers we have are threatened by corporate interests in Florida, and their champion on the FFWC, Liese Priddy. Florida profiteers have spent more than a decade trying to develop 177,000 acres of land adjacent to the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge. Thier anti-wilderness plan calls for a new town in the heart of the panther's habitat, along with mining, fracking wells, oil rigs, and more.

To clear the way for the development and protect corporate profits from wildlife, Priddy has proposed a rash and unscientific plan to the FFWC that would make it legal to shoot endangered Panthers on sight. The plan has been ridiculed in the press, attacked by scientists and lmbasted in public meetings. But that may not be enough to stop it from ending of all nine of the panther's lives at once. 

Sign here to save the Panthers and stop the FFWC's plan, because extinction is forever

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