Remove Commissioner Liesa Priddy From Florida Panther Decisions

This summer FWC released a proposal calling for drastic cuts to the protections Florida Panther population. The proposal was prepared by FWC Commissioner Liesa Priddy who owns a 9,300 acre ranch in panther habitat where developers are chomping at the bit to build an entire new city. Priddy also claims to have lost cattle to panthers, which has cost her close to $10,000.

Now Priddy plans on asking the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for an exemption to kill off the panthers to make room for her developer friends. With less than 200 of these cats left, it would pretty much mean the expiration of all nine of the panther's lives at once. But when Priddy wrote here new panther killing policy she didn't even consult with FWC biologists. In her propsal, Priddy claims there are actually too many panthers for the habitat to sustain them.  But when FWC biologists finally saw the proposal, one remarked, "I am unaware of any analysis...that reached that's an opinion, not a fact."

Conflict of interest is defined as a situation in which a person or organization is involved in multiple interests (financial, emotional or otherwise) one of which could possibly corrupt the motivation of the individual or organization. Priddy views the panthers as an obstacle to her and her developer friends from cashing in -- and she's resorted to making things up to get her way. This is no way for a wildlife commissioner to behave and we need to make sure Priddy is removed from making any decisions that affect the survival of this species

That's why I need you to tell Rick Scott and Brian Yoblonski cat killers with a conflict of interest cant be counted on. Let's make sure they get the message.

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