Tell FERC to drive a stake through the heart of zombie fossil fuel

Have you seen this? In a recent editorial in the LA Times, Bill McKibben says:

The only way to short-circuit this zombie process is to fight like hell, raising the price, both political and economic, of new fossil fuel infrastructure to the point where politicians begin to balk. That's what happened with Keystone and it's happening elsewhere, too.

Nowhere is the neect to block new fossil fuel infrastructure more apparent than at FERC, the 'rogue agency' approving new fracked gas pipelines, compressor stations, export and import terminals from coast to coast. This week, FERC put out a new report about how local states should work with President Obama's Clean Power Plan -- our nation's first rules to limit global warming pollution from power plants. But they forgot an important point: that to stop global warming, you have to leave fossil fuels in the ground. And that means saying NO to new pipelines, new power plants, and all the other infrastructure with a long life span that FERC has only ever said YES to.

Sign here to tell FERC that it's time to say NO to new pipelines and infrastucute and drive a stake through the heart of zombie fossil fuels.

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