Operation Climate Conversation

While we weren't expecting any groundbreaking climate policy proposals at the first GOP Debate, since the candidates mostly deny it's real, we had hoped to at least hear something. Turns out there was not one single question in prime time about the greatest threat to humanity -- only a shot from Jeb Bush regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline. But we can't only blame the candidates since they weren't even asked about climate change by the debate moderators.

You might expect this type of behavior from Fox News moderators like Megan Kelly, who once interrupted a Presidential speech on climate change to interviewing a climate denier with ties to the Koch Brothers; Or from Brett Baier, who broadcast a special report that aimed to debunk the science of global warming. But there are also four other networks moderating Republican Presidential debates.

The American people deserve to know where all the candidates stand on this issue, and what they're going to do about it. That's why we're launching Operation Climate Conversation to demand that every news network moderating debates make climate change and the environment a key topic.

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