Tell Gov. Wolf To Choose Health Over Fracking

Last year, news broke that Pennsylvania's Department of Health (DOH) utilized a series of "buzzwords" to ignore health complaints related to fracking. These buzzwords included phrases like "Marcellus," "hair falling out,"  "skin rash" and other symptoms residents complained of since the fracking boom began.

Our friends at Food and Water Watch recently obtained documents proving that DOH displayed a pattern of inadequacy, negligence and disregard for fracking-related health complaints. In some cases DOH actually told Penn. residents to refer their complaints to Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) or pay out of pocket for independent lab tests on air and water near their homes. Basically, the state agency charged with protecting your health told citizens, "We Could Give Two Fracks About Your Health."

To be fair, many of these profound and culpable examples of a disregard for public health were carried out under former Gov. Tom Corbett. But there is only one way for current Gov. Tom Wolf to turn the page and demonstrate that he takes public health seriously: Place A Statewide Moratorium On Fracking.

Will you take action now and tell Gov. Wolf to stop fracking around with your health?

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