Local Radio Should be Frack-Free Radio

NPR is still taking money from frackers, running pro-fracking ads and reporting stories with a pro-fracked gas bias. Other big media companies like the Guardian have already divested from fossil fuels and changed how they report on climate change. So why are the national reporters and ombuds at NPR refusing to listen to our concerns, and drop their association with America's biggest fracking conglomerate?

NPR gets more money from local stations (like WGBH in Boston, WNYC in New York and KQED in San Francisco) than they do from corporate sponsors like the Natural Gas Alliance - almost twice as much funding comes from local stations as from the frackers and other corporations, in fact! Those local stations, in turn, get most of their funding from local listeners like us.

So rather than going back to the glitzy DC offices, this time, we want to direct our comments and actions to the local stations we all know and love. Our demands are simple: Stop taking fracking money, and stop telling fracking lies. If you're willing, please also tell us the approximate value you give to public media. We won't share your answer, but by adding up all the pledges from divestment-minded, anti-fracking activists we can show NPR that it's in their own interest to we need to turn NPR back into national PUBLIC radio, not national FRACKING radio.

If enough of us take action -- by speaking out, showing up at local stations, and talking to our local community radio during pledge drives, and even warning that we'll abandon pro-fracking radio for clean local alternatives -- we can create the conversation, and the change NPR needs.


$655,175.00 in pledges from over 37,000 listeners so far.

37666 total signers.

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