Stop The ESA Triple Threat

It seems like every week another lawmaker proposes a plan to weaken or repeal the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Last month we told you about the relentless attacks on one of the most successful conservation laws in our nation's history from all three branches of government: The Senate is considering several bills to prevent us from protecting threatened species, including one requiring the Department of the Interior to value Big Oil profits over wildlife. The House has announced plans to weaken ithe ESA even more and even President Obama announced plans to "seriously overhaul the law.

Now America's favorite fillibuster-er, Senator Rand Paul, has gotten into the mix by introducing yet another critter-killing bill that would remove 94 percent of endangered species like grizzly bears, wolves and sea otters from protection. Paul's bill would also automatically remove protections for any species after five years, whether it has recovered or not. Worse yet, it would give governers the authority to overrule federal protections for species located in their states. Rand's bill is so extreme it's being referred to as the "Extinction Acceleration Act."

Contact the President and your Senators and tell them straight up, "Don't Endanger The Endangered Species Act!" 

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