Tell Your Lawmakers: The Oil Export Ban Must Stand


UPDATE: The House just voted 261-159 to lift the ban on Crude oil Exports for the first time in over 40 years. This is a disastrously bad bill that could increase drilling, flood our shores with spilled oil and push our climate past the tipping point. In fact, the bill is so bad that President Obama has already promised to veto it, setting up a showdown in the Senate that's eerily reminiscent of the Keystone XL veto override we just won a few months ago.

Big Oil doesn't think we're ready to fend off oil exports, like we were with Keystone. As one lobbyist said, "There is not a nationally organized effort to keep the export ban in place for environmental reasons like you had on Keystone XL.”

Sign here to prove them wrong, save the climate, protect our coasts by telling your Senators "The Ban Must Stand!"

The U.S. Senate could become even more crude in the coming weeks. That's because Oil Baroness Lisa Murkowski's bill to lift the ban on oil exports is inching towards the finish line. And, if this bill crosses the finish line, it could end the race to protect our climate, environment and economy.

Climate champion Elizabeth Warren pointed out that lifting the ban would increase global carbon emissions by more than 22 million metric tons annually. It's among the many reasons that she characterized the bill as "very dangerous" for our environment. Our friends at Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) note that since Murkowski's bill requires drilling, public input and environmental due process would be eliminated. Murkowski's bill is the exact opposite of what we need to fight climate change, as we've been told by many scientists we must keep 80 percent of proven fossil fuel reserves in the ground to avert the worst effects of climate catastrophe.

Murkowski's bill now has 13 co-sponsors including Climate-Denier-in-Chief Senator James Inhofe. A recent count put her only five votes shy of attaining a senate super majority -- all but assuring passage. If we are going to stop this bill from unleashing its hydrocarbon havoc, we're going to have to take high octane action. Sign here to tell your Representative and Senators: The Ban Must Stand!

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