Tell Your Governor: Say No To Mitch McConnell, yes to climate action

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Loves Coal! He loves it so much that he sent a letter to all 50 governors urging them not to comply with President Obama's Clean Power Plan, which will reduce global warming pollution from power plants and protect public health. More recently, McConnell urged world leaders to ignore a U.N. pact on climate change and President Obama's plan to cut U.S. emissions of the same. 

Senator McConnell claims that the EPA is acting above the law and that the Clean Power Plan will increase our electricty costs. But his scare tactics conveniently omit the fact that coal-fired plants actually cost U.S. citizens $345-$523 billion in health care costs, and account for nearly 13,000 American deaths every year. Not to mention the havok wreaked by climate-fueled intense storms, floods and droughts.

Mcconnell is also trying to convince us that the Clean Power Plan would result in huge job losses. However, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics the coal industry employs only 0.06% of U.S. private sector workers, and only 0.64% of Kenucky's workforce.

For a man who consistently campaigns for states' rights, McConnell sure looks like someone who does not trust our state to make decisions that would best protect their citizens from climate chaos. Sign here and tell your governor to comply with the Clean Power Plan and kindly ask Mitch McConnell to butt our of your state's business.

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