A Toxic Turn In The Senate


If you listen closely, you will hear the sound of champagne bottles opening up in the offices of lobbyists for the chemical industry. That's because chemical industry executives  in town to lobby your Senators and Congressperson were just told that, "prospects are good for passage of TSCA." That's no surprise since the original TSCA reform was actually written by the chemical industry. But even the Republican chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works (SEPW) committee said that was too craven, and sent TSCA back to the drawing board

Unfortunately, the new version of the bill does about as much to protect public health as a Monsanto product and still preempts states' rights to protect us from toxic chemicals. But the cosmetic changes to TSCA were enough to pick up the support of three Democratic Senators who helped it pass the SEPW -- the bill will now head to the full Senate for a vote any day. The Senate should not be dancing around the issue of public health and safety.

Sign here to tell your Senators to stop the Toxic Waltz and vote "No" on the TSCA Bill. 

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