Science and the $nowball

James Inhoffe thinks he can use a single snowball to deny that climate change is really happening, and really a threat. But we're on to him. Inhoffe is no fool, he's just a highly paid politician who will say or do anything to delay, defer or deny climate action.

To show him (and everyone) that we're on to the truth behind his denial, we'll deliver dozens of snowblls to Sen Inhoffe's office. Here's how it will work: You sign this petition, and include a message for Senator Inhoffe. Our team in D.C. will make hundreds of snowballs and hand write as many messages as we can fit onto the snowballs with organic food coloring. Then we'll grab a camera and some friends and go deliver the snowballs with your messages to Inhoffe's office.


  • Keep your message short, and your language PG.
  • Think about explaining weather and climate change, since the Senator can't seem to tell the difference.
  • Be funny, be creative and have fun! We'll take pictures of the best snowballs to share online.
  • Remember that we're working with snow here, so messages that work while melting are extra-good.

15203 total signers.

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