Tell Congress there's no excuse for exporting fracked gas

The oil and gas industry and some of their best friends in Congress are using escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia to push President Obama to "fast-track" the approval of more U.S. exports of natural gas. Exporting gas would mean:

    More fracking in the U.S., putting our drinking water, air, climate and health further at risk
    Proof that oil and gas industry claims that fracking creates energy independence are a lie
    Bigger oil and gas industry profits as they sell gas to the highest abroad.

Instead, Congress should work to transition the U.S. off fossil fuels through proven clean energy solutions like wind and solar.

Please take action below, urging your Members of Congress to stop the export of oil and gas and invest in renewables. We'll deliver your signature and message directly to President Obama, your U.S. Senators, your Representative and Secretary of State John Kerry.