The Resistance Will Not Be Intimidated

Thanks to the excellent reporting of the LA Times and Inside Climate News, we know that Exxon knew as far back as the 1970s that their products and operations would lead to climate climate change, with disastrous consequences for people and society. What's worse is used that knowledge to fuel a culture of climate denial by funding known think tanks and spin doctors with influence over lawmakers and public opinion to deny the science and delay action. Attorneys General (AGs) like New York's Eric Schneiderman and Massachusetts' Maura Healey, among others, have launched investigations into Exxon for blocking action on climate change and potentially misleading investors, regulators and the public.

That's what makes Chairman Smith's witch hunt so despicable -- instead of calling a hearing of the Science committee into what Exxon and Big Oil knew about climate change, and when, they're investigating the investigators in a brazen attempt to delay justice and block climate action (again).

Despite Rep. Smith and his band of rogue Republican's efforts, the response from our side has been nothing short of inspiring. AG Schneiderman responded to the subpoena by saying, "This Attorney General will not be intimidated or deterred from ensuring that every New Yorker receives the full protection of state laws." And UCS was just as direct when they said, "By attempting to interfere with Attorneys General investigations, Chairman Smith directly undermines efforts to hold ExxonMobil accountable for misrepresenting climate science."

Our friends are standing fast against the attempt by Chairman Smith and his cronies to bully us. But Smith's actions (and the support from other politicians) shows that Exxon's profits are more important than science, our climate and justice to too many elected officials. It's up to us to show Chairman Smith, Exxon and other their Big Oil conspirators that we stand together and will continue to press for justice.

Tell Lamar Smith: We stand with the #ExxonKnew crew and that our resistance will NOT be intimidated.

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