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UPDATE: We've staged several interventions, interactions and interuptions at FERC - which even drew questions on Bloomberg news! Check out the latest coverage at the BXE blog.

In 2014, 46 fossil fuel pipelines were proposed or approved at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC),1 sparking a wave of backlash as communities from coast to coast fought eminent domain for private gain, worried about spills and leaks and opposed construction of all this climate-killing infrastructure. But by 2015, FERC had approved or considered 84 additional pipelines for fracked gas and extreme energy.

Maybe FERC thought they were just following orders, but what they got was a rebellion. Outraged that FERC is running roughshod over local property owners' rights and threatening our climate with all this extreme energy infrastructure, the Rubber Stamp Rebellion has begun. And this new American revolution has already seen some early victories:

  • The Blue Grass Pipeline - Stopped;
  • Port Ambrose - vetoed by Governor Cuomo;
  • The Palmetto Pipeline - 1 year moratorium;
  • The Penn East Pipeline - Delayed more than 8 months;
  • The Atlantic Sunrise project - Delayed more than 8 months.
  • Jordan Cove - Permit denied pending new information;
    New since April:
  • Northeast Energy Direct - Abandoned by Kinder Morgan;
  • Atlantic Coast pipeline - delayed until summer 2017;
  • Constitution Pipeline - ALSO vetoed by Governor Cuomo.

If you feel like Filmmaker Josh Fox, who said: “Everyone I know is fighting a pipeline or a compressor station or a power plant that is in front of FERC for approval. It is clear to me that FERC has to be the most destructive agency in the United States right now." Then sign here to support the Rubber Stamp Rebellion in D.C. from May 15-22.

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