Operation Climate Conversation

We've been pushing hard to get the moderators of the presidential primary debates to ask tough questions about climate change. The first two republican debates were a bust -- with moderators at Fox and CNN refusing to take the issue seriously, and candidates mostly ignoring the most pressing threat to our planet.

But at their first televised debate, Democrats spent some serious time talking about climate change and how to fix it. That puts some onus on Republicans, and the debate moderators to get into climate change next week. Also since the last G.O.P. debate, candidates like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have come out with energy plans that give moderators and other candidates something real ont the issue to talk about (not just Trump's hair).

This is sounding interesting, but the next debate is moderated by CNBC, and is supposed to focus on financial issues. We need to make sure these moderators get the message that climate change is a top issue for voters, and has a LOT to do with the economy, before the stage is set for next week's debate.

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